Child Welfare SA White River offer a full range of social services to children and families within our demarcated service areas in the towns of White River, Sabie and Graskop through a range of individual, group and community work initiatives. This includes:

Preventative services

  • Community outreaches and events to increase awareness regarding pertinent topics such as HIV/ AIDS, child trafficking and positive living
  • Capacity development and skills training of children, families and the community as a whole

Early intervention services

  • Material assistance through the provision of food parcels, clothes and other household donations
  • Referral to psychological services which include individual and family assessments and therapy, career guidance, parental guidance; assessment of learning disabilities, as well as training for staff
  • Parental and family support, capacity building and training
  • Counselling and therapy including trauma counselling and play therapy

Statutory intervention services

  • Foster placements
  • Industrial school placements
  • Re-unification
  • Adoptions

Ongoing supervision and care

  • Counselling and consultations, which includes office interviews and home visits, on a regular basis from our social workers, social auxiliary workers and volunteers
  • Capacity building, training and development
  • Victim support, empowerment and skills development
  • Community networking through non-governmental, governmental and business sector stakeholders

Our services are linked and supported by our programmes which we initiate, implement and monitor in our service areas.