A fresh start with fresh vegetables for our communities


Three re-used vegetable tunnels and a new tunnel, sponsored by Green tunnel Vision, have been erected at the community of Phumlani, just outside White River. The tunnels were put up on 27 February 2012 and seedlings were generously sponsored by Brian Law.


A plate a day the dream of our feeding scheme in Phumlani


In 2011, our Asibavikele volunteers and home based care team in Phumlani, voiced their concern about the number of children who were not receiving adequate nutrition at their homes due social difficulties such as unemployment in the area.


New offices for our team in Sabie


We have procured a new office building at 33 Main street in Sabie conveniently located opposite the Caltex garage. Our Sabie team will move from the single room space which we have occupied for the last four years to the new offices on 2 April 2012.


World cup holiday programme in Sabie and Graskop.


During the June and July holidays, children in Graskop and Sabie participated in play-based daytime activities through programmes developed by our youth care workers and volunteers.


Vakansieprogramme by plaasskole gedurende die skoolvakansie


Our farm school holiday programme was a great success and allowed Child Welfare SA White River and Petra College Child Ministry staff to engage with children from these often neglected communities.