Welcome to Child Welfare SA White River

Child Welfare SA White River is a registered child protection organisation based in the town of White River in Mpumalanga. We are a member organisation of Child Welfare SA and render social and developmental services to children, families and communities within our demarcated service areas of White River, Sabie and Graskop.

Winner of the 2012 KLCBT community service award.

Our Vision:

Leading in the achievement of a safe and caring environment for children.

Our Mission Statement:

To promote, protect and enhance the safety, wellbeing and healthy development of children.

Featured Programmes

Afterschool Care

Featured Programme
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Girls and Boys Clubs

Featured Programme
The programme tackles life skills, conflict and peer pressure, positive living and other pertinent topics from practical perspective... Read More >>

Income Generation

Featured Programme
This programme develops links between specialist resources, organisations and the community within... Read More >>

Our Goal:

To provide comprehensive developmental social work services to children, families and communities in need of care and protection in the White River, Sabie and Graskop areas.

Our Objectives:

  • To render prevention, early intervention, statutory social work, after-care and family reunification services to children and families in need of care and protection
  • To render 24-hour victim support services to survivors of abuse, rape and domestic violence at our victim support centres in Sabie and Graskop
  • To advocate and lobby for the rights and protection of children
  • To network with other stakeholders in the field of child protection in an effort to coordinate and integrate service delivery
  • To implement national child protection programmes within local communities
  • To conduct awareness campaigns with regards to children’s rights issues
  • To provide material assistance and support to child headed households and children and families without any visible means of support
  • To promote food security through community vegetable gardens and feeding schemes
  • To empower communities through a range of community development programmes
  • To promote early childhood development through our early childhood development centres
  • To combat the effect of HIV/AIDS on children and families
  • To provide internship/practical training opportunities for social work and social auxiliary work students
  • To continue to train our volunteers and staff members to ensure high quality of service delivery