Homeless Support

Location/s:            White River, Mpumalanga
Coordinator/s:       Charles Sanderson Community developer

Homeless Support Group
Our homeless support group during a session with the facilitators

Brief Description

A homeless support group was established in 2009 providing weekly support and needs identification such as late registration of birth, rehabilitation, or tracing of family members etc.

This multi-racial support group meets weekly at the White River offices and is facilitated by a pastor and ex Red Cross worker.


  • To provide spiritual and emotional support to homeless clients
  • To create a platform whereby individuals are empowered to discuss challenges and identify resources
  • To identify underlying problems and refer clients to the social worker


  • 15 unemployed homeless people have benefited from this programme
  • A number of clients have been able to secure identity documents
  • A number of clients have been reunited with their families

Wish List:

  • Accommodation for our clients short and long term
  • Donations for food, clothing and blankets
  • Internships and job opportunities